Hi everyone. My name's Nick and I'm an ESL teacher in Gifu, central Japan. I've been teaching English for 27 years to both children and adults. These days I work in my own little school in which I'm the only teacher, but I also teach English at Japanese kindergartens.

I set up ESL-Kids.com in 2006 and still use the flashcards and worksheets in class today. I've been surprised by just how popular the site has become over the years and it's always nice to hear from teachers around the world who use the materials in their classes, or who read my In Class guide.

I'm open to suggestions on improving the site, as I realize it's getting old. I used to have an email address that people could contact me through, but it got so much spam that it's hardly usable anymore. Instead, I would much rather you contacted me on Twitter since I can use it from my phone and can get back to you quickly.

Please contact me through Twitter at @ESL_Kids.

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